Character creation idea that will save Eve from itself

I play eve since 2003 on and off like most of us and sold a couple of characters after 90 million SP for some reason when I reach this level I get tired of it and then start over , that is the point that you have trained most of the skills related to sheep and weapons .
My idea is to create a parallel character that is optional four players that they wish to follow this way the character will have few benefits and few flaws .

This characters will be unable to have memory infusions to increase their skill level, when they die their data recovery will not be perfect all the time they will lose some here and there randomly :game_die:
Skill leveling their automated skill increase will be half the rate that is now but there will be benefiting from hands-on experience, when they are doing actions related to skills they will be gaining SP as well , similar to real life you do some study and some practice and getting some skill bonuses after completing certain tasks so Eve is not the sleeping beauty .
This characters will have several bonuses related to the character itself the best I can think of is bonuses related to drugs and implants ,

no ! use your 3 char slots for this ! you have more then enough capability with these 3 !

Read the whole thing more carefully you didn’t understand what I’m implying

I’m not talking about adding another character in total of 4 characters maintaining the three is fine only asking for the option of the new unique character which in my case even one character is enough I don’t need those triple personalities :joy:

so, in summary:
you want a character that has half the sp training rate, loses sp upon death (randomly,) and can’t inject sp from injectors. But in return the character gets some nebulous boost from implants / drugs.

Do I have that right?

Why not just have a perma-death character that just starts with somewhere between 2-5mil sp. Someone was even asking for a hardcore server a month or so ago.

Or perhaps more interesting, instead of being a capsuleer, the character would be the owner of a mercenary company. And the player would have to staff the ship with crew that gain xp from player activity instead of passive skill training.

You see CCP desperately trying to get people to be more active to fill the world of Eden :grin:
What I suggested is optional so people don’t freak out optional for people like me , incentive for getting better head :joy: with drug resistant benefits and a compromise on the passive skill gaining for example let’s say half percent , but regaining the value lost from the passive skill gaining by active activities related to the kill direction completing missions and goals related to skill group work of the day .
Overall I’m not going to have a loss on skill sense I work for them to gain , except only if I am inactive which is standard in all games .

I would add but I didn’t do it at the beginning a loss of skills by inactivity defining skills is experience gaining experience if you stop practicing you forget therefore you lose some skills that you don’t use but once you start over again you should be able to regain them rapidly ,
That of course it’s for people that they like EVE to be slightly more hardcore :grin:

i doubt anyone would make a character like that… so it would just end up being a waste of developer time.

I would I have been playing eve since 2003 starting over and over after I get near to 100 million skill points , what it will happen is the developer will absorb old players like me we are eager to find opportunity to jump in again into something different ,

And a little incentive doesn’t hurt adding some implant permanent bonus , it would have been even nicer if they had a dice roll :game_die: of combination of permanent bonus that you can roll and roll and select one combination that you like ,

Trust me when I tell you that the old characters that you see out there are the ones we sold long time ago , this parallel character my finger the interest many others to come back and give it a try ,

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