Character designs for Incarna: an echo from the past

(Yiole Gionglao) #1

I already posted this stuff at the old forums, but since the links there are all broken, I will just post it here. Why? Because ideas, unlike EVE or CCP, are immortal.

Welcome to the EVE that never was! Original designs by artist Harpa Einarsdóttir. Most race identities are my own guesses.

Unidentified Male:

Amarran? Female

Jin Mei (Gallente) Female

Caldari? Male

Verokhior? Female:

Exotic Dancer:

Intaki Female:

Achura? Female:

Jin Mei Female:

Gallente Female:

Unidentified Female:

Sebiestor? Female:

Jin Mei Female:

Achuran? Female:

Caldari? Female:

Khanid? Female:

(Nana Skalski) #2

And now they will sell only diapers to wear in our capsules. CCP, why? :anguished:

(Arya Alderian) #3

Im using 1 hand 2 type this

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #4


I think people forget that when the whole WiS idea was started, most players thought it was a good idea. It was when it became obvious that CCP couldn’t do both new WiS-stuff and continue needed development of core EvE game that the alarms sounded.

It coulda been both.

grr ccp

(Lulu Lunette) #5

Very cool concept arts! I’ve not seen these before so thank you for sharing :relaxed:

(Blade Darth) #6

Diapers and Himlar’s 60 dollar balls… I mean glasses…

Aanyway… with the new gpu’s having thousands of cuda cores maybe we gonna see more fancy robes and long hair in games.

(Wanda Fayne) #7

I wantz. Can I haz pleez?

(yellow parasol) #8

the top one is a sebiestor male. definitely.

(Veskin Sentinel) #9

This is brilliant! Amazing Concept Art! Thanks for sharing! :heart: :rocket: :slight_smile: :sun_with_face:

(ISD Stall) #10

I had only seen a few of those pictures before, thank you for taking the time to link those here :slight_smile:

(Utremi Fasolasi) #11

The last one looks Ni Kunni to me.