Img private request for tatoo

Hello dear devs!

Fact 1: I used to be a contra tatoo guy for long time.
Fact 2: I play EVE for 12+ years so far.

Not so long ago I finally decided to make a tatoo of my main toons full EVE bloodline etc.
Back in the days there was one more step deeper into bloodline choice called “ancestry”. I clearly remember that my toon Huan Matus is Amarr - Khanid - Cyber Knight. I’ve even managed to find low-resolution cyber knight ancestry logo on internet backup sources. I’ll attach it to this ticket.

Can u pls find and send me better quality Cyber Knight logo so i could show it to tatoo master as a sample. Thnk u in advance.

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That was old stuff, why not use new stuff?

The symbol is pretty simple for that ancestry.