Img private request for tatoo

Hello dear devs!

Fact 1: I used to be a contra tatoo guy for long time.
Fact 2: I play EVE for 12+ years so far.

Not so long ago I finally decided to make a tatoo of my main toons full EVE bloodline etc.
Back in the days there was one more step deeper into bloodline choice called “ancestry”. I clearly remember that my toon Huan Matus is Amarr - Khanid - Cyber Knight. I’ve even managed to find low-resolution cyber knight ancestry logo on internet backup sources. I’ll attach it to this ticket.

Can u pls find and send me better quality Cyber Knight logo so i could show it to tatoo master as a sample. Thnk u in advance.

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That was old stuff, why not use new stuff?

The symbol is pretty simple for that ancestry.


I’m pretty oldschool so I’d prefer oldshool stuff, but where do u see this ancestry thing in modern customisation interface anyways? Look:

How do i know that this one is the proper symbol? If only any of CCP officials would confirm that.

Well, it was, like in the screenshot in my post. But they removed it. There are no ancestries now.

Its history now.



That’s as full res as it ever was. From Phoebe Developer Resource Pack found via url guessing (doesn’t even need Wayback Machine, but I used it anyways). Sauce.

I tried to blow it up and sharpen the image in GIMP, but my knowledge of graphic design has plummeted to almost nil as an adult. Enjoy.

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