Cyber Knight - Helmet


when I joined EVE community back in august 2009. I picked Khanid Amarr Cyber Knight, back then, the Cyber Knight had a armor and “cool looking” helmet (visor in the hood). - My character back in Okt 2009.

Would it be possible to have “similar” or new looking armor & helmet for Cyber Knights ? as all of us who play EVE are in one-way or another “Cyber Knights” and of course we could all use it now .


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Man, the old portraits had so much more character. Especially among the Sebiestor, Vherokior and Khanid.


When CCP decided to get into the barbie business they hired a new art director. And he sucks. Basically, you can expect to never ever get the good art back from before. He’s pretty much said so. Apparently EVE wasn’t EVE enough to EVE.

Certainly preferred the dystopic feel of the old portraits.

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