Character for Sale 4.99M SP

Quink Ronuken for Sale 4.99M SP

Plan to use PLEX transfer so may take a few days to transfer character as CPP Petition.

NPC corp

Remap available plus 2 Bonus

Wallet balance.

~1M isk (1010190 isk)

Kill rights

No Kill rights

Jump clones

No kill Rights

Character location

Docked in Jita 4-4

Offer 3.5B

3.6 bil offered

5B buyout

No Jump Clones

Ill match 3.6 if last offer fails, but no more.

3.65 bil no higher

3.8b b/o

Thanks for offers but looking over 4B

4.1b b/o

Vulgus Carovigra Sale accepted Eve mail
Quink Ronuken in game with Account details and I will Send CCP a Character transfer Petition on receipt of ISK

Sale accepted

sending isk and account info

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