Character for sale, 76mil sp, pvp orientated

This character is for sale.

76 mil sp, 750k xp to allocate.

Comes with no assets or isk.

Wallet is positive and sec status is 0.12

6mil sp in leadership
11mil in gunnery.

Character is located in Highsec system, and docked in a station.

Starting bid is 30 bilion isk.

40b offer

Thanks for the offer, it is acceptable but too early to call it.
Good luck.

50b offer

Pootie Tangg i accept your offer of 50bil. Contact me so we can arrange the transfer.

51B offer ready

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

ISK recieved, character transfer has been payed for and is in progress. 10hour time to transfer is expected.

Thank you for your purchase.
Please reply to this thread when the character has been recieved so we can lock this topic.

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