Character found...Now Closed

Good Day,

I want to buy a fresh character with nothing trained…skills should be as created.

Points of Interest:

  • Female only
  • Nice Name
  • Pre-2015 (to avoid all the skills on new characters created today)
  • Gallente, Minmatar then Amarr (No Caldari) race
  • 2 Bonus Remaps minimum

ISK in hand and ready to buy.

…and Go!


I’ve not seen a request like this before.

This character was born 9th Feb 2005. She has no skills trained and is still in her original ship.

Her name got reset to this at some point. Sending a petition to a GM will let you change it to whatever you like.

Back then characters started with about 900,000 skill points. She has about 45,000 unallocated skill points that you can do what ever with.

Is this the kind of thing you want? How much are you thinking off in terms of ISK?

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Yes, this is what I’m looking for.

I’ll be back from work in about 9 hours from this post if you are online.


Still looking.

3 remaps avail

Let me know if interested

How about me? Im pretty, single, all points of interest check out, 2 remaps as well.

let me know if you have any interest o/

Are you still looking?

Still looking

• 2005
• 3 remaps
• Name change available with ticket.
• Amarr.

Have a Minmatar Male one in the exact same state (one day older).

As agreed in game chat. Buying Amarr Citizen 793584272. ISK and account info sent.

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Received email from CCP that transfer is in process.

This thread is now closed.


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Just to confirm that the agreed ISK amount was received and the character transfer was done.

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