Character Sale



I just got the best news ever, got offered my dream job. I’m selling all my characters etc, as Eve time is over now :slight_smile:

Character 3: 2nd Hulk pilot, and has 5.7M free SP that I was going to use for resource processing, but now you get to decide.

Character 4: . Orca Pilot for the Hulks (my dream was 3*Hulk and Samira).

So there they are…this is actually painful to create topic for.

All ccp rules apply:
Positive wallet
No killrights
I will pay transfer
Have left corp as of 10 mins ago, may take 60 mins to register.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

2.5b for Conn McCargoBay.
Congrats on the job!

Conn McCargoBay - offer 3.5b

Conn McCargoBay 4Bil

Conn McCargoBay 5b

Will go up to 5.5b for Conn McCargoBay

6b for conn

Still for sale?