Character Sold

No Killrights
Positive Sec Status
Sitting in Genolution cores in Jita
Wallet is Green

Jump Clones located in LO5-LN

1 Bonus remap

Starting bid 30b
B/O is 40b

This Character wil be sold to the highest bidder friday 31 Aug. at 18:00 Eve time, unless someone hits the B/O

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31.05 bil

Updated with timer on when the Character will be sold to the highest bidder unless the B/O is hit

Bump for the last few hours


32B offer

32.5B offered

33b offer

34b offer

You want to compete with me?

private offer send ingame

Since Haode withdrew his offer Iā€™m reverting back to my offer before he got involved, but am still willing to beat Official Rolex Jeweler depending on his offer.

33B offer

34B offer

35B offer


36B offer