Character sold

Good rorqual pilot with max ore yield and ice harvesting specialization 4.

Positive standing.
Positive wallet.
No Killrights.
Located in HS.
Docked in Jita 4-4.
0 remaps available.

Paying transfer.
Start bid: 25 bil.
B/O: 29 bil.


I am for sale.

I give the first price, 25B


Will you do 26.5b

ill go 27bil

Thank you for the bids guys.

I will end the bidding and take the highest offer when I get back from work in 4 hours.

I accept your offer of 27bil, BPO ALT.

Please send isk to the in-game character Brechnev Rin and mail the account details.

Isk sent along with account name

Confirmed isk and account name recieved. Starting transfer now.

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