Character Sold

Cybernetics V
Cyno V

Social V
Salvaging V

Has 6.47 Standings with Court Chamberlain

Decent gunnery and drone skills.
Good mining skills (Although a 42 m sp alt is a bit much for mining…)

Start at 29b Until Saturday May 23.

Early buyout 44b. Or enticing offer.

25Bil offer



Current highest bid is 30. Current Eve time is 4:02 PM on May 22nd.

So I’ll accept bids for another 24 hours and sell to the highest bidder.

I overslept!

Is the 30 b offer still good? If Dimning responds and agrees, then the bidding is over.

If there are not any other offers before that, then it goes to Dimning for 30b.

yes thank you I will transfer isk soon

Ok. Just post here when it is sent, and I’ll start the transfer right away.

Bidding is closed.

money is sent. acct name is in in game mail. Thank you

Transfer initiated!

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