Character SOLD

I am for sale:


wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
no jump clones
char location: jita4-4

bidstart: 6B
buyout: 7B

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24h bump - to the top!

 6.2B   6.2B

Thanks for the offer, 24h bump

up to the top

Bump to the top

to the start

Are you the person that started Jester’s Fleet Corporation?

No I am not

Bump to the top, still for sale

And back to the top we go!

24h bump

and to the top again, still for sale

will come back to this

6.5 B

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Thanks for offer.

I am willing to sell to the first who offers 7B → buyout in original post adjusted

7B b/O

oh sweet thanks.
7B buyout confirmed, please send me the money ingame and an evemail with the target account.
I will start the transfer as soon as everything is confirmed :slight_smile:

Isk sent, mail sent

Money and Target Account received.
Transfer started.
Thanks and enjoy the character → SOLD