Character sold

WTS Myself

1.7m SP, 3 remaps, 3 corp history (2 NPCs)

Born 2003.07.16

Positive sec status
positive isk
in highsec
in NPC corp
No kill rights
no J clones

Thread reopened.

2 billion dollars cash

free bump, curious why old accounts are worth isk. I have tons of old accounts never thought of selling them because of age

I can offer 5b

Because people can see the birth date of your pilot, you can scare folks by rolling up in a T1 frigate with a character that could potentially have 400 million SP and trillions of isk in the bank that they can bring down on you if you mess with them.

teh age of a character has no importance in eve whatsoever. since the implementation of skill injectors, age in eve means nothing anymore. This kind of characters that are old are worth nothing and only fake people care to buy them.

Show us on the chart where you were hurt by the bad collector man.

Plenty of people enjoy collecting rare things just because they’re rare. It doesn’t make them fake.

8b offer

9 billion isk

bump - will end sale in ~2 days with highest offer

New offer…

10 billion isk buyout asap…

offer accepted, send isk and info to me in game and i’ll get this sent over now

2 days you said? well 12b if its not too late

Deal sending isk and account info

starting the transfer now should be coming over to you now.

Ok , thanks

Character arrived
Thanks for trade