Character sold

WTS Mike Dewar 29,590,031 SP / 101 Skills (772,000 Unallocated SP)
Located in highsec Assiad III - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
Standard Implants minus Charisma
Marauders V

starting bid 27b, buyout 35b

fix the link, its not working.

Please update the original post with a working SkillQ link. Test with incognito mode to ensure this link works. If this is not resolved in the next 24 hours, this thread will be closed.

link fixed

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I’ll start at your requested point: 27b

28b offer

@Mike_Dewar a response would be appreciated :pray:

29b :wink:

30B,Online waiting for reply

31b :slight_smile:

Okay, he’s yours now

bump :point_up_2:

sold to Aryziva Ozran, send info and isk :slightly_smiling_face:

didnt hear from Aryziva Ozran so its still open at 30b

fix the link, its not working.

31b :dollar:

sold to Gordeon for 31b, send info and iskies :slight_smile:

great! will send isk and info at around 18:00 et today

isk sent
account info sent via ingame mail.

isk received, character transfer started. :slightly_smiling_face: