Character sold

Skill sheet.

Exclusively used in the past as a Incursion character.

Able to fly a Paladin, Guardian and Leshak.

Comes with a set of +5 learning implants in one clone and a full high grade Amulet clone. Both clones are in high sec.

Positive balance/wallet.

Currently located in Jita, docked 4/4.

No kill rights.

Character is now in an NPC corp after closing down its own.

Fixed Price, 45B

Open to offers.


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I’ll start the bid at 40

Updated with a fixed price.

If you’re down to wait a few days I can do 43

Funds available.

Happy to go with 43b?

I can do 43 right now

Accepted. Transfer the ISK to Ixaka and I will get the transfer started.

ISK transferred, account info sent

Rgr, rger. Logging into move ISK and fetch account name.

Character transfer initiated. Can you confirm you’ve received the email?

I have not received the email yet

Will be completed after 2/25/2024 5:37:14 AM

Transferring to**A-------8****

I will reply when email comes in

Char received TY

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