Character sold

Male name: Mis Tale

born in 2003, Fresh char, no training done yet.

would like to see first if there’s any interest in this, thanks.

How much sp?

Mis Tale has 874,040 SP.

please use this service to show us your skills.

It’s a standard skillset that came with a new char back in 2003 so don’t expect much. Character also has 3 bonus remaps.

Mis Tale

Looks like no interest so closing this.

I will bid 5b

offer accepted if you still want, let me know how we do this.

ability to re-name toon included?

No idea how to check that.

I am out of town will be back sunday evening around that time and will transfer 5b if it suits you

Will do. Send me a mail when you do and all the rest that I will need to know how and where to transfer the char.

will send isks and mail in a 5 min, log in in the game

Money and account info have been sent

Give me 20 min pls.

yeah np

ISK received, character transferred, now all you need is wait for that 10 hour period or so as per CCP rules. Please confirm you got the mail about transfer that I didn’t typo the account name or something. Thanks.

mail received, thank you for your patience. if you have more old toons for sale poke me - glorfindeil#2642 :slight_smile: fly safe

Only my main I’m afraid, can’t part with that one hehe. Thanks for your patience as well and thanks for the deal!

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