Character Sold

5.4 M SP.

Exhumers 5. Some other stuff.

Highwall Mining Implant 3% to yield.

No kill rights, positive wallet, one remap, npc corp, I pay transfer fee.

Skill sheet

B/o 5.5

5B if you dont transfer it by plex.


Accepted, I will be on within the hour to get it started.

Transfer won’t be done by plex.

I will send ISK and account details.

Could you wait a couple of hours to start the transfer as I had to biomass an empty toon, finished in 2-3 hours. I will send you a seperate message to say when its ready.

Yeah sure.

Just put the account name in an eve mail along with a time that it’s safe to start the transfer from. Do it as eve time just to keep it simple :slight_smile:

Confirming receipt of ISK and account name. Will start the transfer at 9pm eve time as ask for by buyer.

Character Name: Casperina

Will be completed after: 8/13/2018 7:17:38 AM

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