Character transaction and refresh tokens

I’m under impression that after character transaction refresh tokens don’t invalidate as they’re bound to account. Is that true?

Not sure if they do, guess they should. The owner_id should change for sure if you just wanna detect if a character was traded.

Good question. Talk in the #esi channel on slack seems to think it wouldn’t. The new owner might have to go to the third party dev section to revoke them after they buy them. Would be a good question for @Developers.

Kinda related, to know if a character was transferred or not:

If you do the step to get character details. i.e.


User-Agent: ...
Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_TOKEN}

This will return data like:

    "CharacterID": 273042051,
    "CharacterName": "CCP illurkall",
    "ExpiresOn": "2014-05-23T15:01:15.182864Z",
    "Scopes": " ",
    "TokenType": "Character",
    "CharacterOwnerHash": "XM4D...FoY="

The CharacterOwnerHash is a unique hash of the user/character. It will not change while the character belongs to the same account. The only way it WILL change is if the character is transferred. So you could store/check that hash to know.

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I imagine it’s not terribly difficult to compare new and old values before putting a face to a name during login.

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