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Now that API’s are closed down and looking at the new ESI since a couple of months back it is my understanding that account wide checks for corporations/alliances are no longer a thing.
We can no longer verify if a person that is applying to our group is someone new or old, an alt or a main.

What I propose as a middle ground is to make a small change to:

Adding two fields:
CharacterOwnerChange - Datetime for when the character currently authed switched hands last.
OwnerCharacterCount - How many characters currently exists that share the same Owner hash.

In my world it does not share any “private” information, it only gives us an inkling to whether or not the person applying to us is one out of many characters or a single one.
I also assume that CharacterOwnerHash is maybe only unique for one account, but I don’t really mind if we atleast could get a number that states how many characters the account has.

What do you think?

// DoAe

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Hi DoAe,

Firstly I’d like to point you to the ESI-Issues repo, whilst yes you can get answers here, you’ll be likely to get faster, and more esi specific responses on the issue repo.

At the same time I’d recommend joining Tweetfleet slack, notably the #esi, #sso and #devfleet channels - These are invaluable resources.

As for your question, rather than requesting ccp include this information for the tracking of ownership, you should maintain historic reference to CharacterOwnerHash - If this value changes for subsequent calls for the same character, the character has been transferred.

As for number of characters on one account, unfortunately ESI itself has no semblance of understanding when it comes to account-level stats, so can’t provide that.

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both CharacterOwnerChange and OwnerCharacterCount would be great additions.

for corp applications being able to see when/if the toon was ever transferred would really help with see if the applicant is who they claim to be/which part of their history is with the current owner.
I would also be very happy to have something like OwnerCharacterCount available, but unfortunately I don’t see CCP adding that to ESI.

Why did the ownership change last week? Oh I was transferring it off account A onto account B so that I could log both characters in at once.

You have no way to verify that is true or a lie, but will use that information to ascertain my history.

I can’t see a use case for the information outside of trying to use half a dataset in order to ascertain a character was purchased. If you’re into the realms of attempting to verify this person is STILL who he said he was, then tracking CharacterOwnerHash or manually verifying via say, voice - Are systems much better designed for that.

The new owner of the character may NOT pass himself off as any previous owner.

There is a public record of transfer on the forums. This is quite easy to discover without the need for what you ask.

Im not sure if Im fond of the idea the OP suggested… but I can see why CEOs would want to know ALL characters on said account which is applying to join. There is a line in the sand between privacy and protection of a players details, his accounts, characters, etc… and then the need for security in game. Im not sure Im the one to draw that line, but tbh, I side with the idea that its none of your ■■■■■■■ business what characters I have, unless I make it your business…

thus, if an account wide api is accessible then all spies and hackers, botters, will find a new means to sneak past this inspection, what about out of corp hauling alts, that even though are NOT malicious - but you still wish to conceal their identity to EVERYONE in game, regardless…

The new ESI stuff lets you do some cool stuff, I can search a players name, get their id, then search for the corp, get the id, and search for all offices or stations they own, etc… for example. just by having the players name. IDK what is really crossing the line in terms of digital rights or what not… but I myself would like to protect my data and information, to the point where its applicable. I really dont care if someone knows my alts names…

but knowing where they are, what they are flying, when they log in and off, what intel I converse with other players, contacts, etc… thats more invasive revealing of personal, or in game - privacy. This is all new stuff to me for learning material so Im just having a reflection on what Im learning, expressing ideas, not claiming facts or such. so please take with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

Id like to keep my info private where it applies, if Im applying to a corp, then I may have the right to show all characters on said account, but to show all my other accounts too, thats just too far imho. You dont need to know what other accounts I have, THAT sir, is none of your business. regardless of your perception or fear of the consequences… you have no right to know that information. and to have it pressed upon would seem rather … corrupt. For some reason I feel that, for those that know what to do with that information, they can do some shady ■■■■, or have more info than they need, which gives them a huge power over the purchaser of a product. I mean, If I wanted to collect payers data, and build a database, and I can then sell that data to alliances, … perhaps you get the idea? now Im not sure that is an exaggeration. or just down right wrong, like, it would never happen or it wont work like that, im just learning here.

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