Character transfer question

When you sell and transfer a character, can the buyer change the toon’s name?

No, unless it is a “[Faction] Citizen xxx” name.

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Or if it’s offensive name that slipped by, ccp will force a name change to xxx citizen to which it can be changed

I’ve seen a lot of those in local.
How does a toon get a name like that?

Offensive name that ccp changed, or back when, ccp changed a lot of names, don’t remember why.

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Even if you could there is a tab on the character info that shows the transfer history. Makes it hard to try and hide your past

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when we received a chatacter do we received a new character under our account or do we loose the character we used for the transfer ( on the receiving end )

Unless you trade characters, when you buy a char it takes up an empty character slot. If you dont have a slot open on an account, you cannot receive a new char without biomassing one

what information has be to sent to the one selling the character for the transfer other than the isk

Account name

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