PSA: If you don't like your characters name and would profit from changing it... CCP does not allow this

Thanks CCP Paragon for confirming this is in fact not something CCP allows.

Original post below:

This was always one of those things that was absolutely taboo, changing names was never something that could be done on demand. But as you can see from this thread, a character being offered for sale had an undesirable name so they requested CCP change the name so they could push up the price and sell the character.

People like to talk about how they want to preserve the fabric of EVE, but it’s things like this they should be questioning as this is something that has been core to EVE since the beginning. Letting someone change a character name for profit seems way over the line.

Chracter ID: 863020507
Old Name: pussylover
New Name: Alexa Starlink
Profit: 50b

When money talks, bs walks :smiley:

Edit: Of course with a name like that… it should’ve never been able to be allowed by game rules.


I like old name more.

Me too.

If its not a real name it means youre a bot, simple.

The names beng sacrosanct was bs as soon as the first Capt Smirk or Jim236690 was created

Just to clarify.

Name changing is not a service we provide. Sold characters that have been renamed due to having an offensive or otherwise, not-allowed name will not be granted a rename after the sale has taken place and will forever remain with their generic name, such as:

Caldari Citizen [CharacterID]

Attempting to add value to a character sale by doing the name change before selling a character and advertising it as such to increase the characters sale value is also not allowed.