WTB a 2003-2005 Virgin Character - Will be very well paid!

Character perfect, but not a name. Seems like CCP not change that, if its possible i instabuy that character

Sorry character is too young, but i take a look and msg you if i need that. Thanks

I can enquire. If successful the price will be higher though.

If its possible to change its perfect for me

Doesn’t that mean you’ll be asking CCP to change your name for profit? Seems dodgy AF.

Drop me an eve mail what name you want,will generate new link once done.The price is 200B now though

Its possible if names are offensive…

Need and answer asap

Hey i just need approve from CCP what you nickname possible can changed

Consider me for purchase. Born in mid 2005. No kills, no losses, no corp history, no security status modifier. A truly “virgin” pilot. I will sell for your minimum of 100 bil.
Skillboard link:

Send you an eve mail

Got a 2006 character that may be available:
Frostazia’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

She has 5 corps in her history.

I also have a character from 2006, his name is Arrodar. But it’s corp history.

You can message J44 toon in game if I miss your reply here.

<Toon’s name apparently corrected itself overnight, so doesn’t fit your criteria, sorry for any confusion!>

I am for sale 02/2004

No kill rights
Positive wallet
No jump clones
-0.07 sec status
NPC corp
Docked at Jita 4-4
All CCP rules apply

Name has been changed for more desirable one 200B buyout

So it’s confirmed, CCP changes names if you’re not happy with your previous choices? That’s mental.

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