Character's Birthday

Greetings fellow pilots of Eve

I have a question regarding what happens on the characters birthday in Eve Online please.
This month you see is my Pilots birthday and it will be the very first birthday playing Eve.

Q; Will there be some form of shower of gifts?

If so please do share what you would plan to throw my way if there were such activities for characters birthdays

Thank you and fly both recklessly and fearlessly.
Iceacid Frostpacker

Nothing happens.

Happy EvE Birthday - there’s your shower.

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Lucky guy, you get gifts 16 days in a row - that’s plenty, isn’t it? :wink:
You picked a “birthday” close to the EVE jubilee. Normally, there’s no gifts, your birthday’s not even mentioned in any way on that day.

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Yes, there are gifts.

But only if you fit a ship worth more than 2 billion and fly around nullsec typing In local “it’s my birthday today!” and hanging around gates.

You will get a lot of gifts. Many, many small ones.

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Don’t forget the fireworks. You’ll feel reborn after that…

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You should go to Jita and pay attention to local chat, they regularly gift 1 mil Geckos there, could be a nice birthday present. :smirk:

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