XVI Anniversary question

Hello, I wanted to make sure I understood how the gift allocation works.

Is it per account? Or per character?

It seems from how the wording is that you would get a gift for every character that logs in 16 times over 20 days. Meaning if you have all 3 character slots used in an account then one would login each character once a day for 16 days to get the gifts.

That seems overly generous however so I’m guessing it’s per account.

Can someone from CCP clarify please?

Thank you in advance.

I presume it will work like the last login bonus event, where there was one gift per account per day. After you accepted the gift, you could drag it to whichever character you wanted.

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And it used to be once between downtimes, the container was refilled every day at downtime.

Per account. As usual.

Thank you to all three of you for the help!

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