XV Birthday Redeeming

what went wrong? On some Omega accounts I’ve got the package on others nothing.

Did this happen to others as well?

Edit: see @CCP_Falcon’s comment below. Apparently a script is running as we speak and Accounts get their packages one after the other. Logout/Log back in, if you can’t find yours in the redeeming system(alt+y)

Falcon is too fast explaining things to us and
kills rage thread before it gets going. :frowning:

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I got nothing at all on three accounts.

Distribution happens over the course of downtime via DB script, which is still running as we speak given the number of accounts it has to grant the gifts to.

Providing you’ve been logged in over the course of the last 30 days, you’ll be on the distribution list.

Once the script is finished running, we’ll know if everyone’s been gifted correctly.


Check again, the stuff is slowly trickling in now.

Allright, makes sense. Thanks.

The CoCT ships. Thought it was supposed to be today, or yesterday (the anniversary)?

It’s a big world, bro. My today might be your yesterday. Or vise versa.

In any case, the stuff will be in the game when it always is. After DT.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Pretty sure if you logged in on the 6th, you get them on the 7th?

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There is also the question of eligibility. I got a mail reminding me to login before the sixth of May to get the gifts, yet the blog post says only accounts that were active 30 days before the cutoff date are eligible.

You do realise they are the same thing, you will have gotten that mail within the 30 days prior to the 6th :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it was send on the fourth of May.

7th now, after downtime. I still don’t see anything.

Still 15 mins until DT. :facepalm:

Thats within the 30 days prior to may the 6th >.>

Do you not understand what prior means? it means before, as in, if you login within the 30 days before may the 6th, its not really a complicated concept

You might want to ask for a return on your calendar. The the fourth of May is two days before the sixth of May.

Edit: “Within”! OK, I get it.

Hey, maybe we’ll get those free SP we were promised too… Well, May 7th. Nothing in my redeeming system after DT. Should I be surprised?

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Only 1 of my 4 Omega accounts got the ships… :open_mouth:

Am yes i do log in daily!

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Similar here. Also Alphas seem to get nothing at all.

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Some players are reporting that they only got one giftbox per registered email address despite having multiple Omega accounts. I didn’t get anything on my Omega accounts. Get your pitchforks ready…

Apparently the DB is running a script for distribution (gee CCP, maybe a head’s up next time or at least a little more clarity?) So I guess if nothing shows up in 24 hours we can enjoy having to file a support ticket and waiting a month…

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Beautiful. Knew it had to be a running technical thing, not just a one-toggle-fixes-everything deal… Dumb question though, do we have to relog? Or do we get a “ding” when something lands in our redeem box?