Question about the 15th Anniversary rewards

the email i just got said if i become an omega before may 6th i get the Anniversary rewards yet the website detailing the rewards said i need to have an active account 30 days prior to may 6th aka the Anniversary.
which one of these is true?

That is correct according to everything I’ve seen and heard everywhere, including CCP statements.

Got a link?

I would guess this is referring to needing to have an active account in the 30 days prior, not for all of the 30 days prior.

During the Fanfest announcement the CCP guy said something along the lines of ‘you’re going to want to go Omega soon’ and then clarified that you need to be active on an Omega account on any of the days before May 6th. I believe theres an ad on the Launcher that says something along the lines of ‘go Omega, get rewards’ too. I’ve also seen people asking in Rookie Help Chat what the requirements are and again the ISD tell people you just need to be Omega on any of the days before reward day.

There would definitely be cause for riots if it turned out that you had to be Omega the whole month, because that’s not the message being put out there.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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this is the link with the details

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it says in 30 days prior not for 30 day prior

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It is even more specific. The full quote says:

“On May 7th, these will be placed in the redeeming system of every account that’s active in the 30 days prior to the fifteenth anniversary, and holds Omega account status at some point during that period.”

‘At some point’ not for all of.

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