Capsuleer Day - Fifteenth Anniversary Question

Sorry, for starting the new topic, but, if i activate Omega status now, i will not get all gifts ? Wut ?
“…every account that’s active in the 30 days prior to the fifteenth anniversary…”- what this part means ?
Will i get or dont get all the gifts if i activate Omega status now ?

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Yes, provided you upgrade to Omega within the next few days and then login.


Ok, so as far as i can see that means that i need too activate omega until may 6 and than i will get all the gifts ? And than i will get all gifts ? sorry for my stupid quastions, its just was little difficult to translate this part correctly

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So long as your account is active (logs in) and is Omega status at some point during the 30 days prior to May 6th, you’ll receive all the rewards.


thank you, this topic can be closed :slight_smile:

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Nuh-uh, dont close this topic yet. We have yet to discuss the matter of the quastion at hand.

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How will you handle the SP farmers this time? Will the farmers with 500 chars get ~166 Praxis battleships? (Assuming that they use all 3 slots of 1 account with MPTC)

Remember: The last time CCP handed out ships, SP farmers who owned a few hundred accounts also got a few hundred ships. CCP then said they will do it differently next time …

Why do you care? Every Omega account will get rewards, no matter if is SP farm, cyno alt or trader alt. Why should there be any separation?

If accounts are Omega how they are used is none of my or your concern. You pay for them, you get the reward.


SP farmers dont pay anything. An SP farm account pays for itself by passive SP/ISK generation in 100% safety. All the SP farmer has to do is make a few clicks per month. For that they now get, in addition to their regular profits, hundreds of limited items, which will increase in value over time.

The hypocrisy when it comes to skill farming baffles me. EVE players, especially veterans, constantly bring up the risk vs reward mantra when discussing any other income, but SP farming seems to be exempt from all rules of the sandbox.


Well, no, they pay using PLEX, like any other OMEGA account that pays through Plex. Its not a less valid form of gameplay.

Every single SP farming character had to start out with atleast either a couple months of skilling without any profit, using either PLEX or real life money to sub the account, in order to reach 5.5 million skillpoints. And each character, if you minus the PLEX fee for resub, only makes around 200-300 million isk a month. I make more through passive PI on each character than that.

200 mill a month is nothing, though. I make that much in 2 hours of running incursions. Sure, if you have a hundred SP farmers, thats a lot more isk, but considering you have to skill for 3-4 months for each of those hundred characters to reach 5 million skillpoints? 3-4 months of sub time, is, what, 40 dollars? times a hundred? Or even paying 3-4 billion isk per character? thats still 300-400 billion isk that you have to spend.

And this is all assuming that the market for PLEX doesnt bloat, giving you reduced isk returns.

CCP handed out ships to ALPHA pilot accounts the last time around. This is what caused the controversy. A guy who had like 200 Alpha accounts recieved 200 enforcers. I agree, that was stupid. But OMEGA accounts are different. You pay for those accounts, either by PLEX or money. Each account is paid for, reaping the full benefits of a subscription account. I dont see a problem with this at all.

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So you say it’s for free? Why haven’t you made a farm already then? I pay for an account, but again, what I do with it is my concern. I can shoot people with it or I can leave it there to rot in the station, so I can drain all the SP out of it. The amount of activity on an account isn’t and shouldn’t be a requirement for anything.

Limited items you say? Just how limited was the Gnosis so far? Is it very expensive and out of reach? It is cheaper than ever before.

This is legal game play. Anyone can do it, it is a matter of choice and wealth.

On May 7th, these will be placed in the redeeming system of every account that’s active in the 30 days prior to the fifteenth anniversary, and holds Omega account status at some point during that period.

Does this mean, if I have an Omega account that lapses into alpha status before May, but was logged into during April, it still gets the Praxis, etc?

Yes it should mean that. Though I am not a CCP employee so don’t take this as guarantee, I just based it on the written text.

Tell me how can someone legally own 200 alpha accounts, assuming for granted that you actually know that for real. This is a tricky question without any reasonable legal response. We are at one impasse.

Uh, what? You can make as many alpha accounts as you want. The only restriction is accessing two or more alpha accounts at the same time. I can make 10000 alpha accounts, and log into each one, one at a time, and theres nothing wrong with that. Its perfectly within the EULA.

I don’t mind SP farmers getting gifts. Means more supply and cheaper prices.

Any practical use?

Beyond getting 20000 free ships by attending fanfest last year and selling each ship for 500-600 million each? No, i guess not.

Ask Ima. Or any other CODE member.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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