Capsuleer Day - Fifteenth Anniversary Question

So you realize that there is something wrong. Yet another weird game mechanic that force people to create several accounts just for the ‘big numbers’ sake.

It was wrong for CCP to give out the ships from fanfest to every account, even Alphas, yes.

But theres nothing wrong from a EULA standpoint. No one is breaking any rules here by having 10,000 alpha accounts.

I currently possess 20 characters over 7 accounts, all alpha (though my main is omega to train the expanded alpha skillset).

  • 12 chars: Four accounts with 3 characters each, one for every NPC corp to can promote my giveaways in their respective starter corp chats.

  • 3 chars: Three corp (officer) alts in my corp to overcome the public contract limit of an alpha player (can post 10 public corp contracts with each), to post additional private giveaway contracts (only one private contract per alpha chars) and other corp and giveaway related reasons.

  • 1 char: One CEO alt for my corp, the character I post with on right now.

  • 1 char: One FW alt.

  • 2 chars: My main and its trade alt.

  • 1 char: A thief alt that I operate with mostly in Jita.

20 chars in total.

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Please, put the pieces together: something useless, or at least useful only for one ‘wrong’ thing… bad smell…

put the pieces together
something useless
or at least useful for only one wrong thing
bad smell

Yeah. It definitely looks better as a bad Haiku than a poorly written sentence.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Does that mean that we have to have been logged on at least once in those thirty days, or on every one of those thirty days ?

At least once. You do not have to log in every day.

I have 18 characters. None of them are omega, but if my sub were to lapse, some of them will be. You could ask why i would have like 10 alphas, but thats just how it is. Theres nothing wrong with it.

Sorry, but isn’t that the wrong way round ?


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Meant to say all of them are omega.

This is a single Omega account. If I add/use the two vacant character slots and log in for the relevant period, will I get triple freebies?


No. Rewards are per account, not per character.

Bollocks, farms are within the rules. Pay for the account and you get the reward. Period.


Of course its allowed … because CCP profits big time from it. SP farmers are basically laundering SP. CCP cant sell SP directly, so they created this clever mechanism to let players produce clean SP.

2011 EVE players would have rioted if CCP would even think of implementing such a mechanism … These days days no one seems to care. I bet CCP could even sell blueprints for gold ammo now and players would be like “Its just the blueprint! The item is still built by players!!!”

You’re not talking about evading “don’t roll suicide alts” rule by chance?

This and to destroy SP. Remember above 5mil SP youre destroying a large % of built up SP from 20% all the way to 70% at the highest level. So we are paying CCP for a way to destroy/recycle inefficiently SP not laundering them per se.

And thats a very good thing in the long run for how fast its being produced by characters.



To ba or not to ba, that is tha quastion

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You leave my sheep out of this !