Do you have to be omega to get the Praxis and other 15th anniversary stuffs?

as the title asks

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I think alphas get POD skin for free…

To get all including Praxis you need Omega.

Omega get more, that was definitely mentioned.

Good thing too I say! :yum:

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This. The last offer to allow alpha accounts for full prizes was a clusterf*ck of disposable free gift farming accounts (obviously…).

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All Omega Clone Pilots will receive the new SOCT Praxis Battleship, as long as they have been actively Omega between 7 April and 7 May.

Does that mean, that if i was alpha 8 of April, but Omega all the rest of time, I do not get reward?

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Well yeah one would assume so, that is what it says…

CCP Falcon was quite clear during the Keynote:
“the rest of you will be Omega soon because you’re going to get more stuff …”. You need to login as Omega during the 30 days prior to the anniversary.

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As long as you log in ONCE during now till may 6th, you will get a Praxis and all the other goodies.

It does not matter if you were alpha up until today and just subbed to omega. As long as you log in ONCE, WHILE being omega, you will get the ship.

Alphas will only get the capsule skin as well as the shuttle and shuttle skin.

Omegas will get the praxis, sunesis, gnosis and the skins for all the ships.

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Just buy the Praxis off the market, EZ

This free giveaway stuff always goes for dirt cheap in Jita, same with the event items

So you will get the three ships+skins if you logged in once between 7 April and 7 May and are omega when the new expansion comes out on 29 May, right?

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The CCP guy said in the Keynote that the gifts will be in your Redeem Items on May 8th.



Actually I just watched it and it was log into the game as an Omega during the 30 days prior to May 6 and the items will be in the redeem queue on May 7.

CCP can keep the SoCT ships and give me a Trig Battleship instead. I won’t even complain about being short-changed a battlecruiser and destroyer…

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