Charity auction of character

I am a new pilot in that I’m not very familiar with the game although I have a very old account and characters but with very little play time.

I approximately understand the character bazaar although it will take me some time to figure out all the stats I need to make a listing. I also understand PLEX for GOOD and approximately how to make a donation.

My question is, is there a more direct route to list my character for auction and make sure the proceeds go to charity?

I think after 20 years of never finding the time to play I should part with my character. It’s not a Day 1 character but 9th of May 2003 puts it in the top 500 or so of live pilots.

Unfortunately, the date your character was created (9 May, 2003) has no intrinsic value. The only thing that matters is what you did with that character, which was nothing. Consequently, although your character is very old, it is equally worthless. Next time you play a game, try to actually play it before your time is over.

Hello, I sent you a mail with some info. Also, @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras tagged you in a post in the character bazaar if you haven’t seen it yet :slight_smile:

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