Chat is broken what is happening?

I get kicked from all chats

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Its been broken since I came back in November. Still an issue. Can we get a CSM to talk to CCP as they dont read the forums?

Has been an issue with the chat for a while its just not happening all of the time seems to just randomly drop out. As far as I know CCP know about it just not sure what they can or will do about it

I don think CCP are aware or it would have been fixed already. Its quite game breaking.

It would show up in their logs when the chat channels drop

There is something ongoing right now for sure:

Several others also reported they have issues at the moment.

Yes chat channels well and truly broken yet again

Local is Broken Becareful Flyers

after relogging no chats are loading

Well its 100% then been in their logs since November 2020 at least. People reported this back in 2019

Could say that the chat has been broken for years not just recently its more a question of if CCP can fix the chat or not

Same Problem here , i get frequently kicked from all Channels, and then, with some luck, get reconnectet after some Minutes.

But, none of the channels pops up again in the right Order. So i am fixing this everytime manualy… reely anoying …

Several others? You mean thousands of others, lol.

Funnist thing is I have the same character in two systems at the same time in local, that are next to each other, go figure?

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