Check out SC new Industrial Ship. No Joke!

Ship model based on venture… No problem

Sin’s of the solar empire/Stellaris mod uses eve models…REEEEE cease and desist!!!

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When eve is dead and gone, star citizen still won’t have been released.


Only idiots pay for ships that cannot be flown. Star Citizen only game to charge people for developing ships that have no game to fly in.


Ventures! Ventures! only 15$ the venture, one free if you buy 10!!!
and we double your dollars too!! works with any currencies by the way!!!

Good to see another game where scamming is allowed.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::wink::grinning::open_mouth::neutral_face::expressionless::slightly_frowning_face::frowning::astonished::cold_sweat::scream: WTF! How much does this ship cost?


Every design borrows from others, this is fact. Actually not only in design, but also in arts, music, theory, writing, film, politics, tech, science - people are inspired by others and sometimes a bit too inspired it seems :wink:

EVE’s Venture is certainly a beauty, but it will have been inspired by other designs. Parts of it certainly remind me of machines I saw in older SciFi movies.

I think CCP reacted in the correct way: cool as fck.

At this point I don’t even understand how people can anything but laugh about SC, since it is obviously just a huge scam and it’s not even a real thing.

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This is part of the reason for how patent law works. People are inspired by others discoveries thus discoveries belong to the group consciousness. Patents are given as an incentive to pursue innovation. Copy rights were supposed to work the same way originally as well (Speaking US law here) but along the way they increased it from whatever length it was to now it is practically forever and a day. Disney had a hand in this. They profited off the work of those before them that had entered the public domain but actively pursued laws to strengthen copy rights to prevent others from being able to build upon and profit from their work.

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If anything, this is a grate homage to EVE.

Now I wonder; how will the next redesign of the Venture look like? CCP should take notes.

Almost as if it was carefully tailored to that end specifically. :thinking:

They are still in Alpha, they have plenty of time to change it…

Like 15 years till release :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Certainly some CCP devs like SC very much. :joy:


It’s just a PR piece. I’m not going to believe a word of it. Same guy keeps telling us here that ranting is prohibited.

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