Well, well, well, Star Citizen that Dragonfly sure look familiar

I’m sure its like that “seeing things in cloud effect”

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I dont get it. Are you saying it looks like a venture or something? I mean, i guess? It kinda does but kinda doesnt. Like how you look at the clouds and one looks like a massive penis but maybe its just your subconcious telling you something about your sexuality.

Looks like many ships from the Wipeout series. Vroom.

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It looks like many things. For me the most close one is some french fries or pieces of cheese.

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For me, the “Drake” decal sure looks like it says “Drake.” Coinkidink? I don’t think so!


Looks to me like a particular model of a speeder from Star Wars universe. But then again, there are many similar designs throughout sci fi, as they have to achieve ceirtain function in a way that somewhat makes sense to us using similar to what we know methods.

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Someone give this man internet reward …
…for something hi managed to crack…
…the thing.

It looks nothing like the Drake nor does CCP have rights over the use of the word Drake that entails many different meanings. So there is no infringement.

Yeah, I know a lot about some people and some care about claiming no infringement as a mean to get away with more intended damage though.
It may or may not have anything to do with this case though.
I have to personally hold the parties involved responsible for their own actions, and we can’t be friends either for some reasons.
They are more meant as acts of war.

In fact, I have to not only register copyright for it, but also develop patents as copyright protection would not be enough.
It’s also not a case of use without authorization only, as to the limit of the scope of the matter, since there is a lot more of attempts to cause actual damage to property and work created, including security programs to protect it.
It’s also not sound medically, both physiologically and otherwise.

You also should not try to mix up real facts with IP protection by diverting them to mean something it isn’t.
Sure it might not be used in an IP case, IP here standing for Intellectual Property, but it may be used it more blunt or less intellectual matters for conflicts.

The two booms on the front end remind me of a Rifter. They’re even hexagonal or octagonal. They also kind of remind me of a forklift. (Not a negative comment. I always wanted to operate a forklift, just once).

Eh forklifts aren’t all that, but i guess it’s good to have simple achiveable dreams :smiley:

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