Checking hosts - Tranq not working

Why is it stuck on this? Test servers are running normally, when I log in it just refreshes the log in screen.

EDIT: ping works, tracert shows nothing out of the ordinary. .exe login would apparently work but aylmao f*ck you, you NEED the launcher.

EDIT2: Deleting the cache in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\ helped.

If you still have the logs for that session, I’d be interested in reviewing them.

You can file a bug report here:

I found the issue that plagued you, and hopefully have been able to prevent others from having to delete their cache in versions 2293 & 2294 of the launcher, released to dev and beta respectively, earlier today.

Those that ventured in the developer version up until early October, and pinned one or more accounts are the most likely to have encountered this issue.

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