Chemal Tech and Triglavians

So, Chemal Tech is a Gallentean NPC corporation that used to have quite a few usable level four security agents before Chapter 3 began. One of them is in Vale, which is the second system so far to fall to final liminality, as well as playing host to one of their research centers, making it more useful than a standard factory. The other hisec one is in Netsalakka, part of the now-hisec island created by Raravoss’s fall. Recently, a minor victory was taken in Sotrenzur, a Heimatar lowsec system where yet another Chemal Tech L4 agent is.

As someone who over-analyzes map stats quite a bit and advocates for more stagnant lore entities to be used again, perhaps this could be a chance to bring them back to promincence. Maybe working out something with EDENCOM for some new modules or anything else? A statement on the Scope? Even a little mention on the ticker, perhaps? There’s so many entities that give berth to us as capsuleers, yet few of them are that fleshed out, so it’d be nice to see an entity that has been negatively effected quite a bit by the invasions get a little coverage.


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