After-Action-Report of Chemal Tech Convoy Escort

On March 19th at 14:00 YC126, following some casual conversations locally, the Chemal Tech convoy departed from Oursulaert VI - Chemal Tech Research Center. They consisted of 5 Stormbringers, 3 Skybreakers, 2 Thunderchilds, and an Occator. It might be the worst convoy I’ve seen.

Capsuleers from Fraternity formed a fleet to provide escort. The convoy initially headed to the Renyn system. The fleet commander repeatedly warned, “Convoy undocked. Do not attempt to interfere with official business,” and “Maria Deteis piracy will be met with lethal force.” We suspect they will kill themselfs with Vorton Projectors.

The convoy passed through Du Annes, Erme, and Villore, and then shockingly proceeded to Old Man Star. Thankfully, no conflicts arose in this system, but they continued through lowsec, passing Heydieles, Indregulle, and Murethand. Our scout reported that Snuff is prepared to drop a Nightmare fleet with fax on us. It became apparent that there were some incompetent individuals in the Chemal Tech leadership, endangering the convoy. To reduce risk, we took action and seized control of the cargo.

Shortly after, Snuff ambushed us. We suffered heavy losses but managed to secure 9 scientists. Regarding the casualties among the crews and the missing or deceased scientists, we should hold Chemal Tech leadership accountable for their incompetence in providing adequate escort and for leaking intelligence to the entire universe.

I transported the scientists to TXW-EI IX - Moon 2 - Intaki Bank Depository. Initially, I intended to deliver them to Chemal Tech free of charge, but they failed to provide their contact information. I sent an email to the convoy, but they continued to ignore me (possibly due to their demise, but I am unconcerned with that).

I am currently furious. Nine scientists are in my hangar; eight await contact from Chemal Tech. The escort fee is negotiable, but if they persist in their negligence, I will reprocess the eight and sell the ninth to Deathless Circle or Triglavian Collective.


Give them to this being. He’ll see to contact them.

Oh. Oh thats extremely funny. Nice.

I’ve been trying to contact you, or anyone in Frat, to pay the ransom for one or several of these scientists so I can transfer them to the Triglavian Collective. If theres any way we can make this happen, please contact me. If you’d rather do the honors of passing the scientists off to the Collective yourself, which it sounds like you were going to do anyway to spite Chemal Tech, I’ll gladly compensate you after the fact for your service to the Collective. If they won’t pay to accept them, I’ll pay on their behalf.

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Having the son of a director of Chemal Tech in my employment, he informs me that his uncle was part of the convoy and I believe him to be part of the group now in your hangar.

I’d be willing to mediate the return of his uncle and colleagues back to their corporate HQ, as their research on the dreadful Fedo Tick Plague that has decimated the Fedo population is of outmost importance.

I have sent you an evemail so we can discuss compensation for your troubles.

Stay safe,

@BOOOOM_BOM it seems you’ve been noticed.

Capsuleers in possession of Chemal Tech Geneticists urged to contact Demi Restouve via Evemail for details of 1 Billion ISK reward for their Return, no questions asked.

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Oh god it keeps getting funnier. ChemalTech really doesn’t care if they live or die.

Offer still stands, 10 bil per scientist, willing to negotiate on the number sold. I’ll happily act as a broker to deliver at least one into the hands of the Triglavian Collective. The rest? I couldn’t give a ■■■■ if you mulched them. I’ve seen the leaked research reports from Upwell they were working on. The modifications they want to make to warclone technology would reduce us to a state of absolute servility, they deserve whatever happens to them for what they were willing to do to our kind. ■■■■ 'em.

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If you remember Bom’s original post, the actual ‘escort/delivery’ fee was negotiable Galm.

1/10th of the requested figure is a lowball and an insult. I’m willing to pay upfront now 2 billion more for one scientist than what ChemalTech is willing to pay for all of them. The choice here should be obvious, unless they want to gut the scientists themselves on principle. Which, again, I really don’t care at this point if they live or die.

I am happy to pay 10billion ISK for one scientist please contact me directly and make a contract to myself.

I hope this is agreeable.

Kind regards,
Kenaar Minsk

I guess that’s how much Chemal Tech values their heads. My condolences to the families, in advance.

Let’s be honest, Frat either already spaced them and threw out a ■■■■■■■■ offer that they know nobody is going to take, or they’ve already sold them and threw out a ■■■■■■■■ offer they know nobody is gonna take. And you know it. Anyone who puts that high of a price tag on hostages like this aren’t being serious. A billion a pop is itself a very high amount.


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