FRT has safely returned the Geneticist to Oursulaert

We’ve reviewed the reports from The Scope and the additional information provided by Chemal Tech below. Our team is currently reaching out to Demi Restouve to facilitate the return of the geneticists.

Out of humanitarian concern and as citizens of New Eden, we rescued several geneticists from the convoy wreckage. The final tally indicates that 11 out of the 15 surviving geneticists were saved. Yes, we have more geneticists under our protection than initially claimed. No, we will not engage in any form of trafficking involving them. Nine out of the eleven rescued geneticists have been safely transported back to Oursulaert VI - Chemal Tech Research Center.

However, there are certain points we need to clarify and announce.

First, we will not return all these geneticists, Chemal Tech were talking about “Welfare and safety of staff” in The Scope video. But we can’t even see any emphasize from Chemal Tech before, during and after this accident. They totally have no ability to secrecy messages, form fleets, and plan the routes. So we decided to introduce the remaining 2 geneticists to somewhere their genius will be valued. One of them has been send to Zarzakh - Deathless Custodians - The Fulcrum. The another one is current in Vale II - Moon 1 - Veles Clade Extractive Terminus. If Deathless Circle or Triglavian Collective need them, please contact us, or We’ll keep them working for Fraternity.

Secondly, it is crucial to clarify that we are not engaging in kidnapping. Prior to assuming control of the convoy, hostile capsuleers attempted to destroy the Occator, but we successfully repelled them. However, our scouts reported that Snuffed Out was preparing to deploy a Nightmare fleet with fax support against the convoy. Given their notorious reputation for leaving no survivors, we could not guarantee the safety of the VIPs if the fleet proceeded through low-security systems. Consequently, we took action. Despite sustaining losses when engaging Snuffed Out to save the survivors, we managed to transport the geneticists to TXW-EI IX - Moon 2 - Intaki Bank Depository. We attempted to contact Chemal Tech to facilitate their return, but received no response within a reasonable timeframe. Consequently, we had no choice but to have Chemal Tech cover the storage, maintenance, and service fees. If our intention was to kidnap, we would have attacked the convoy upon its arrival in Old Man Star, before Snuffed Out formed their fleet.

In summary, Chemal Tech should take the primary responsibility of the loss of life and the damage of property. Snuffed Out should take the secondary responsibility, as a pirate Alliance.

Finally, regarding The Scope, as a galaxy-wide media outlet, it is inappropriate to use terms such as “captured,” “threatened,” “execution,” or “demands” in reference to our actions. We urge you to verify the facts or consult our After Action Report before publishing news articles. Any inaccuracies in your reporting will be your responsibility to rectify.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Arataka Research Consortium, the valiant members of our fleet, and Fraternity FW SIG. Your unwavering support and efforts were pivotal to protect civilian lives.


Why didn’t you try to anticipate the snuffed out fleet formation and destroy them? how many were them and how many were yours?

Ehm… Quoting literally what you said in that post:

That’s objectively a threat, a threat of execution.


Maybe sue them on the defamatory grounds? :wink:

Would you explain your Corporation member participation in the final blow to the Chemal Tech Occator? And yourself are on the list of pilots involved in the convoy assault :thinking:

Here is another After Action Report for your reference. I know… nothing is monochromatic in New Eden :pensive:

But what is your excuse? …That you killed it to protect it? :thinking:

Truly a shameful display, not only engaging in piracy, kidnapping and human trafficking, but to also try to frame any of it as somehow noble.

I would have expected nothing more of a rogue pilot and their ilk.


We tried to fight snuff, unfortunately, we can’t fight a fax supported battleship fleet

As we all know, reprocessing facility never accept human as input material.


Of course, with 1 minute late Snuffed Out will eliminate everyone on that stargate.

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When and where?

This being saw many other ways to horribly kill a human. You could also just trash them.


They even head shot our fleet command.

OMG you’re horrible


Complete report, please. If Snuffed Out were a very big menace, considering your Nullsec life and self-sufficiency, why didn’t you bring capital ships or stuff with most firepower like Marauders?


Who was it that shot the convoy?


So you failed to get the ransom in the amount you want and decided to send two of your hostages to illegal organizations as a middle finger to Chemal Tech in retaliation. Good to know. That gave me a laugh for some reason.

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In this moment, +500 Fraternity. members with marauders, battleships and cruiser fleet compositions are battling in Perimeter for a base siege. How could you be able to afford a similar siege fleet while you weren’t be able to afford an escort one? The shipment informations have been leaked from one or more weeks ago, you could have time for this.


It’s better than the ■■■■■■■ deserved but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth if the Collective is given a chance to fully ascertain what Chemal Tech is up to. It seems we’re all on equal footing now. I can live with that.

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I am quite disappointed no one reached out to myself I would of happily upped my price if consorted on the matter and I would of ensured the safe return of the employee to their family.

Sadly I guess only being able to sensibly negotiate for a single persons freedom was probably my error.

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I am glad you have decided to return all the scientists you hosted to Chemal Tech…


It appear as though FRT has been inspired by the interrogation techniques of Thera’s great Pirate Corporation KROOKBORNE and are deciding to keep a few Chemal Tech Geneticist in hope they too can extract valuable information regarding any former projects these two Geneticists may have worked on.

After years of captivity in a Thera holding cell located in The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics , KROOKBORNE agents were able to extract valuable information from an O.R.E compression scientist who previously was Lead Project Manager on the retrofitting of new NULLIFICATION modules to existing Tech 2 Haulers.

After months of persuasion , Kidnapped ORE Researcher #47 was able to provide KROOKBORNE with detailed and specific limitations and expose major systematic flaws in nullification technology leading to years of massively successful Hauler repossessions for Thera’s infamous pirate group.

A simple Zkill search of the corporation is enough proof anyone would require for the justification of #47’s interrogations. Here’s Last nights justification

Considering the amount of success a simple small group of individual pirates like KROOKBORNE are able to achieve with the interrogation insights from a researcher who’s company O.R.E only offered an abysmal $1Bil Isk Ransom … what FRAT may be able to accomplish by not returning these 2 highly intelligent geneticists may be far greater then any ISK ransom reward


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