Pochven Call to Battle 3/19 1400 NEST

Intelligence reports from OSInt indicate a massive shipment of materiel from Oursulaert VI Chemal Tech Research Center to TXW-EI Intaki Bank Depository on 3/19 14:00 NEST. This convoy is likely to be transporting latchkey warclone technology with the potential to revolutionize infantry combat. If allowed to reach its destination, it may present a persistent threat to the security of Pochven and bolster their insurgencies in the region.

Furthermore, it is likely that a large number of non-empire-affiliated pilots from nullsec will attempt to intercept this convoy in service of the Deathless Circle. Given the Deathless Circle’s investment in dangerous technology lifted from Ancient Enemy Azdaja, it is of the opinion of Varyazi Clade and other warclone affiliates of the Collective that it would be unwise to allow this technology to fall into their hands uncontested until the Collective can fully evaluate the threat posed by the Deathless.

For this reason, I am putting out a formal call to arms for any parties committed to the general security of Pochven to organize and intercept this shipment so it can be transferred to the Triglavian Collective for evaluation. Hostilities against the Deathless Circle or Ancient Domain factions should cease in the event of mutual assurances of access to this technology.

If ever there was a time for Combat Proving, it’s now.



Suddenly the Enheduanni begin to fear for their own safety and future.

Why would the Enheduanni be so concerned about the actions of the Deathless Circle? Did they really “lift” this technology from the Ancient Enemy Azdaja? Or perhaps it has remained dormant all this time. Waiting for the right moment to counter the shadowy machinations of the servants of the Sleepers.

The Angel Cartel after all, discovered the 1st Jovian Empire remnants, perhaps they knew the truth of the Jovian Disease all this time? Perhaps they knew the dark secrets of the Enheduanni. After all, they decided what technology developed in the Construct was to be distributed for the “good of all” and which technology they kept for themselves to maintain their unfettered power.

How can we even trust the Triglavian Collective to not keep this warclone technology for themselves? Isn’t restriction of technology the Enheduanni way?

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Thats precisely why I wish to follow the Collective’s lead on this issue. The Deathless Circle’s MO previously has been the proliferation of technology recovered from their tech raids, going back all the way to when they engineered the raid on Serpentis shipyards nearly a decade ago. Their associates may have changed but their overall goal remains consistent-- destabilizing New Eden through spreading disruptive technology and arms smuggling.

The last time there was this sort of breakthrough in warclone technology was the proliferation of the first-generation “fifth lobe” implant, likely derived from Sleeper designs. It was unproven, dangerous technology that spread too fast to contain. By the time we knew the cognitive damage done by the first-generation design, it was too late to recall them. Ultimately, it lead to the first of several Purges against warclones in New Eden.

If this new technology is anything like that, its simply too important to fall into the hands of the Deathless. If it wasn’t enough that they are potentially compromised by interfacing with Azdaja technology, their masse-proliferation would force all existing warclone groups to adopt these new systems to remain competitive. We could very well be recreating the exact conditions that resulted in first-generation warclones “going 514” and engineering another Purge. Despite assurances from Arkombine, I do not have confidence yet in the Deathless Circle’s promises to aid in the creation of a warclone homeland free of further Purges and empire interference. Meanwhile, the Collective has been a faithful ally and strategic partner in allowing warclones to live independently in Pochven long before Arkombine decided to reemerge.

For me, the choice is clear. Honor our alliances with the Collective, deny the Ancient Domains access to this technology that could be used to conduct strikes in Pochven, and prevent it from falling into the potentially dangerous hands of the Deathless to prevent a future Purge.

Now, while I do not trust the Deathless itself there is a mutual respect between Triglavian-alligned warclones and Arkombine. We are both hoping to find a way out from under the influence of the Empires and share a culture of combat proving. I’m still of the opinion that Arkombine and the Collective can and should seek terms that would align us under one shared struggle against the imperialist powers.

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This statement seems to contradict your concerns previously expressed about the Deathless Circle not providing full access to the technology.

A potentially groundbreaking technology already exists. This much is clear. What’s also clear is the Collective’s desire to restrict such technology entirely as if they are the custodian of humanity.

Given the option of either hiding the technology to the few willing to work with the Collective, or access to the technology for anyone willing to pay. It would stand to reason unrestricted access should be the only reasonable route.

I would rather see the technology available to all, rather than those the Collective deem ‘worthy’ of such technology. The Enheduanni did much the same. Long term is nothing short of oppression and manipulation of civilization to suit their own means. Even before the Jove Directorate disappeared they realized the mistake in their choices of who got what technology and when.

You speak of the Alliances with Empires, yet they make up such a small fraction of New Eden. What is meant to happen, is what will happen. The Enheduanni will not direct and hinder the progress of humanity any longer.

It is abundantly clear the Deathless Circle have access to ancient technology with full knowledge of how to use it.

Last I checked, the Triglavians are still having trouble getting home.

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I would like to point out, at this point, that your repeated references to the Collective as the Enheduanni is entirely speculative. I’ve withheld from correcting or "um actually"ing you until now but if you repeatedly insist on alleging that the Collective and the Enheduanni are one in the same thus cannot be trusted to evaluate this technology then you better be able to support such a bold statement.

As things are now, the link between the Enheduanni and the Collective is questionable if not outright fringe science and historical revisionism. Something I’m willing to entertain hypothetically, but not when its being used flagrantly as a pejorative.

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What can interested parties do to help?

Do you have more direct tactical requests for capsuleers aligned with The Collective?


The first priority is destroying the convoy by any means necessary and ensuring it doesn’t reach its destination. It is far more important that we deny this technology to the Upwell Consortium and their AEGIS allies than it is to secure the technology ourselves.

As previously mentioned the convoy will leave the Oursulaert VI Chemal Tech Research Center at 14:00 NEST and proceed through hi-sec until it reaches TXW-EI Intaki Bank Depository. The convoy must enter nullsec via PF-346. If the convoy survives undocking, this is where it will be most vulnerable to gate camps, interdiction, and bombing.

The secondary objective is to secure the cargo held by the transport. The transport will most likely be caring individual Chemal Tech research scientists sent to deliver their reports to the Intaki Bank. These scientists can easily be scooped and smuggled out of the wreckage using a small, fast ship like an interceptor. If the scientists and research are secured, its critical that they and their research are held in temporary confinement until they can be debriefed by Kresnik Svarog or a designated authority on behalf of the Collective.

If we secure the scientists (and I recognize that is a big if) do not transfer them to @Seriatim_Foucault, Integuirre, or the Vale Provisional Government of Unity without explicate authorization from the Collective. For the purpose of this operation, they should not be considered a primary point of contact with the Convocation or any of the major Clades.



Historical Revisionism?

The Triglavian Collective “supposedly” has the most complete set of first and second empire Jove records. More than has ever been recovered in Anoikis, but certainly supplemented by the same source.

Logically speaking the Enheduanni are the only entity that could possibly have such “complete” records on such matters. Not even the Angel Cartel and their Curse Region dig discoveries has been remotely as significant. Observatory Gleaned Info has plenty of fragmented records, some with context, some without.

Additionally, only the Enheduanni would be so desperate as to ensure warclone technology was “secured an analyzed” before allowing anyone else near it.

Or perhaps. No. That couldn’t be it.

Is the collective after this technology in an effort to replicate their race and bring their infomorph population out of data storage?

If you claim to represent the Triglavian Collective, then please explain the bio/cyber viral weapon that caused the Jovian Disease. Eventually people will learn the truth, not the “truth” disseminated for us to believe claiming it was simply “genetically modifying themselves into a stupor”.

Humanity has had enough of “higher beings” meddling in their affairs. A fledgling race that took to the stars, only to lose the stars, and then eventually regain them. Here we are, twenty thousand years later, and “higher beings” still think they know better.

If it looks like an Enheduanni, and acts like an Enhenduanni. Then perhaps things are less hypothetical than you wish to be known?

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Thank you to everyone from various Clades for rallying in PF-346 to confront the imperialists. Unfortunately, once the convoy reached Villore the convoy leader announced an emergency reroute bypassing Pemene, Mesybier, and Orvolle. The coincidence of this reroute with the deployment of interdiction systems by our relatively small coalition of frenemies in PF-346 was noted. Unfortunately for Chemal Tech, it would seem that they “walked off a perfectly lit street to hide in a dark alley” as one pilot put it by rerouting to Murethand where they were almost immediately put upon by pirate capsuleers.

At the end of the day, the shipment was denied to the enemy. We did what we could to ensure that, and I like to believe that we played a part in forcing the convoy off its relatively protected route into low-sec. Special thanks to @Melicien_Tetro and Azdaja Clade for being instrumental in organizing this operation.

Gods willing, we still have a long war ahead of us. We’ll get our day on the battlefield, soon.