Chicken Pizza for sale! 91 m sp!


I ve got Chicken Pizza for you! :pizza:

This is a brilliant toon, it took him 9 years to become such a highly skilled pilot.

  • Advanced Spaceship Command 5
  • Amarr/ Gallente/ Caldari Battlecruiser 5
  • Amarr/ Gallente/ Caldari Amarr Destroyer 5
  • Gallente Battleship 5
  • Gallente Industrial 5
  • Recon Ships 5
  • Transport Ships 5

5 level missions available

Amazing implant set!

Toon is located in low sec, I can move him to high sec if required.
2 Jump clones available
Hangar and wallet are empty at the moment of transfer!
Sec. status 5!
Killrights: none!

Starting bid: 75 bil
B/o 95 b!

75 bil to open!

76 bil

Come on, guys! Hot Pizza wasnt made for such low bids!!!


still want to buy for 76 bil?

@Chicken_Pizza yes 76b ready

Can I send Isk and account info?

yes, please

Isk and account info sent

isk received

Awaiting transfer

Transfer initiated

Email received, thank you

You sent me the wrong character… Scam petition sent

Ops, I accidentaly chose the wrong character. I ll make a petition, maybe they can change character that I ve transferred

Thank you

Can you give me your support ticket number

Any way an ISD member can expedite this? He sent me a false char and then drained the original char’s SP

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