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GameTheory [GAME] is the private alliance and community created by flagship coropration Contra Ratio [CHKM8] specifically as place for warriors, travelers, and explorers with diverse interests but a shared passion for Eve Online. Our players come from all over the world and from all walks of life, united by our goals in New Eden and our motivation to achieve them as a team. You can read more about us by expanding the sections below this text, or by visiting the GameTheory Services website.

Origins and a brief community history

The community was founded in 2020 by our flagship corporation Contra Ratio an established mercenary nullsec and wormhole group with many years of experience both piloting and commanding fleets on the battlefield. Our goal was to branch out from the average nullsec experience and use our knowledge to open doors for new players rather than continuing to exert dominance over New Eden.

We began life in highsec space in Metropolis, fought brutally against swarms of older players to reach more valuable lowsec resources in Derelik, then eventually conquered our oppressors and took occupation of Great Wildlands in 2021. After more than a year flying independently, building bases, and building a name for ourselves (by consistently fighting and winning outnumbered), we partnered with the nullsec coalition: FI.RE to offer our players even more content and opportunities.

GameTheory core ethos and values

Our players are motivated by teamwork and by challenging situations of all types. Our core vision is to achieve full inclusion of players of all interests working in harmony to create a rich and diverse ecosystem of pilots occupying our bases and contributing to shared collectives. However, in reality this can only be accomplished in New Eden through objective military force. All that is to say; in GameTheory, you’re in charge of your own destiny - we build what our players want and what our military is capable of supporting. Players demonstrate interest in aspects of the game which become bases, successful bases become fortresses, and fortresses become ancestral homes to our community which are loved and defended with ferocity.

Our most important values are of comradery, teamwork, continual improvement, and standing up to a bully at all costs. We all work together to push one another forward in pursuing our individual goals simultaneous to team ones (because they’re one in the same). We’re a social community, we spend time together every night although not always focused on similar tasks, we enjoy getting to know one another and building lasting relationships with our players and fellow teammates. Being (or trying to be) a decent teammate is the only thing required in order to adhere to our ethos, whatever that may look like for you.

Information on bases and locations

We operate primarily in nullsec space in the northern regions of Fade, Pure Blind and Deklein, with our players taking part in the vibrant culture of PVP and freedom from requirements. Players are encouraged to log in and find things to do which suit their interests and experience level before graduating to full time PVP or other parts of the game which offer additional challenges and rewards.

Information on combat and activities

Our community military although small, is very potent. We regularly rank in the top 50-100 of all alliances in Eve with only a few players, and we continue to fight independently on smaller scales with excellent results. Our more experienced players have become expert in finding things to shoot and things to do, and our core ethos demands that we make that information readily available for people who join - in fact, we quite literally can’t wait to share our passion for the game with you!

For more information on our leadership and structure of leadership, what is required or what can be expected of you, or anything else you would like to know about our community, we encourage you to visit some of the links below and to get in touch with us via discord to start your journey. Your adventure awaits!

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