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We’re embracing a new generation of Eve Online
For too long in New Eden, new pilots have been overlooked, trampled upon, oppressively taxed, mass recruited, and treated as unpaid workers for economic and military regimes striving to keep growth the status quo alive in null security space.

Build your personal empire

GameTheory Community is a new breed of Eve Online organization. We encourage our players to build vast personal empires, to seek out new means of profit for themselves, and we ask for nothing (or next to nothing) in return. Our idea is that players should themselves be looked after first, before creating a strong community out of prosperity of the individual. Our community features full integration of new players (no activities off limits), ultra-low taxes on all structures, and a promise to continue liberating new fertile lands for our members to use.

Grow your corporation alongside us

Young and small corporations are the lifeblood of GameTheory Community. Your interest in the game, your attitude towards inclusion and teamplay, and your wanderlust for the universe are what we’re trying to support. Our community stands at the crossroads of opportunity and purpose-built infrastructure, ready to take your corporation to the next level, and on a very exciting journey.

Experience all of New Eden

From our well constructed perch in High Security space to our structured plateaus in wormhole and Low Security space, we’ve got lots for you to experience. Dipping your toe into the more dangerous parts of the game is best suited for a team, and that’s exactly what you will find in GameTheory Community.

Have we caught your interest?
Check us out online, or come chat with us on Discord.


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We’ve been called too professional recently, I’m taking it as a compliment, and encouraging you to come check out why you think that feedback was given. =D

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We have fun roams, free ships, free training, lots of enemies, and some very unique fleet concepts and ideas. =)

If you’re reasonably ready for some relaxed recruiting, drop down to discord duders!

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