CHKM8 is a sov null corporation and proud member of DARKNESS Alliance. Most active in USTZ, our members enjoy economic progression, industry, and of course both large and small scale PVP. We also dabble in wormhole space from time to time, but the essence of CHKM8 exists to find conflict between players in mass number, and use it to our advantage…

As part of GOTG coalition, our members gain access to some of the most epic battles around. While many pilots agree smaller scale is more fun and rewarding to fly, it won’t ever produce footage like this. Being on the front lines of large scale conflict is part of what makes us who we are. Applicants should also enjoy scale as part of a balanced diet of gameplay.


In addition to a few standard regulations for any nullsec alliance, membership in CHKM8 is based upon your continued pursuit of objectives which are both fun for you and benefit the group. Teamwork and a generally good attitude are the most important criteria for employment.

Applicant should have and/or be:
• Minimum 25 Million SP
• 250 kills on zKill with positive efficiency
• Working microphone
• Active in US Timezone or willing to play alone (or practically alone)

Programs & Benefits

Being in CHKM8 is about being part of a family, one who is invested in helping one another achieve the most possible in terms of personal capability and piloting in Eve Online. There are dozens of programs, grants, and benefits available to the member (too many to list), but the over-arching benefit to joining CONTRA RATIO is that you will be mentored and supported into being the best player you can be, and enjoying the game to the utmost potential.

Some of the member benefits are:
• FC Training and guidance from our team of block-level FCs
• Fully integrated corp services including mail, buybacks, couriers, corporate transactions, events tracking and account management.
• Fully integrated alliance services including operations tracking, special interest groups, voice and discord registration, fitting and other tools.
• Excellent quality SRP for all major ops (including caps)
• Excellent space to farm and build your personal empire
• Corporate hierarchy designed to facilitate player growth and allow motivated individuals to actually make an impact (you aren’t just a number)
• Capital and supercapital subsidies and grants available for PVP weaponization

Please visit for more information, including application instructions.

Recruitment officially opened

Looking for one active ustz player to add to roster

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Still looking for skilled pilots

CHKM8 is still taking applications

We’ve got a team of motivated and intelligent pilots who don’t want to be just a number.

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Still quietly growing ever more powerful.

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Woken from my cryosleep to reiterate our commitment to fostering the kind of EVE we want to see.

Just recently did a Corp roam with faction cruisers and battlecruisers, both were free to members!

Contra Ratio, home of the Orthrus vs Brutix meme!

Where others dream, we achieve. Where others hide, we stride boldly. Where others fail, we fail in much more spectacular ways. Where others would not try, we win.

Achieve, stride, fail, win with us. Recruitment of suitable pilots is still open.

Applicants looking to fulfill the goal of “failure” are no longer accepted. Applicants seeking any other goal are still welcome.

We’re a corporation of friends, and we think maybe you’d be a good friend to have!


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