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Contra ratio is not like any other corporation in the game. Our goals are not the same as the other corps, our players are not the same as the other corps, and our expectations are not the same as the other corps. We’re just built different on a fundamental level and it shows, with every milestone we accomplish.

Here are the fundamentals behind our success:

  1. We DEVOTE ourselves to the cause, above all else
  2. We PLAY AS A TEAM in every aspect of the game
  3. We PROMOTE the culture of continual improvement

Every one of our players makes a difference to CHKM8. It’s a cliche that many groups do use but the implication is rarely reflected in the daily life of the corp. With us, you can be assured that your personal skills will be used to their maximum and your ideas will always have an audience. It’s not even a gimmick or a recruitment promise, it’s just who we are at our core.

Daily life inside Contra Ratio
What is it really like inside the corp?

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Our daily activities change on a rotational basis, with wormhole life as the central and focusing move. We do everything in wormhole space including: teaching tactics and strategies, player hunting, sleeper hunting, even gas mining and industry. We take our skills and our knowledge on campaign with us as well, where we inflict the full potential of the corporation on unsuspecting k-space and w-space residents on behalf of ourselves or our clients. The context between the two deployment states helps players to enjoy each aspect to the fullest!

Non-deployment activities
What do we do in our downtime?

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At any given time during our non-deployed state, our in-corp characters can be found creating beautiful wormhole chains while making nice isk running/teaching hacking sites, identifying targets, setting out bait, farming sites (and people), running logistics, popping into nullsec for roams and ESS raids, all of the normal wormhole stuff is on the menu here.

Additionally, our members are some of the most diverse and creative people in the game! We literally do everything available in little pockets throughout the game including; abyssals, incursions, burners, mining, freighting, marketeering, and way more than could even fit here! If you can think of something fun, we probably do it.

Active deployment activities
What do we do on campaign?

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Every campaign is a little different than the last, our tactics, ships selections, and patterns have to change constantly in order to maintain the upper hand in the myriad of situations we find ourselves in. If we really want to generalize, a lot of it is in activities like:

  • Resource denial usually in small fast ships
  • Covert hotdrops in bombers and cloaky cruisers
  • Pop-up gatecamps and logistics route denial (yes it’s still possible)
  • Structure removals (POCOs, citadels, starbases)
  • Empire trade hub denial (station games and crap)
  • Wormhole griefing and evictions

Non-obvious differences
Are you sure you’re all that different?

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We’re very different. Team is at the core of everything which is honestly very different than most groups already (it’s what brought us to wormhole space). Without naming names, our competitors think that teamplay means you show up to ops which only benefit them, and we think that’s hot garbage.

  • We believe in using group think to find solutions to our puzzles, where other groups might hide information and/or make choices on your behalf.
  • We’re discussing all of the trade secrets and dark or mysterious parts of eve right out in the open. It’s way more fun this way! It’s what eve is about!
  • We create the atmosphere for you to excel as a player and reach untold heights. You won’t find extreme taxes or CTAs or anything even close.

We also have regular activities with free ships (sometimes quite blingy, sometimes just cheap and fun), we have piles of communal ships and equipment for people to use (free), we mentor and tutor new players despite our evolved tactics, and we always always debrief both our wins and our losses. All of this is pretty rare, but combined, it’s actually really unique.

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much pewpew, much fun

Start your road down the road to greatness, pick contra… Don’t get checkmated.

Can confirm - solid group of pilots.

Join today to pop dreads and flex on your friends about space pixels

I’m interested in joining your crew do you have a recruitment channel or should I join discord when free

Welcome to the jungle

They gave me cheap vodka and expired candy. 10/10 would recommend.

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Returned a few weeks ago after a couple of years away. Been having a blast in this corp!

Returned recently myself. Super helpful group of guys. It’s been a nice change of pace to have the support. It’s great to have a reason to log in again!

Great group of people.


the best corp for anyone that wants to do the real shizz with real ppls. People of beginner- medium - and expert status needed to expand ops, all options available

msg me on discord at Nashface abd we’ll get you sorted

max four word bump not five word too long xd

join for yeet

what time zone do you guys play in?

what time zone do you guys play in?

We’re most active 20:00 - 08:00 (extended USTZ) but all timezones are welcome.

EVE is life.

Looking for a good addition to the team!