CHKM8 is an independent mercenary corporation operating out of several areas of space. We pride outselves on being able to teach any part of the game to anyone, and our players encompass a wide array of specialties and knowledge within the universe.

As a PvP corporation, our members gain access to some of the most epic battles around. While many pilots agree smaller scale is more fun and rewarding to fly, our expertise covers all aspects of the game, both small and large.


In order to join the corporation, you will need to speak to a recruiter. Each applicant is handled on a case by case basis, and our rules and regulations are centered around providing a fun, lighthearted atmosphere in which to enjoy the game and enjoy pvp.

Applicant should at least:
• Be active in US Timezone
• Be interested in PvP aspects of the game
• Have a working microphone
• Use Discord & Teamspeak when playing
• Be ready to follow us to the next adventure…

Programs & Benefits

Being in CHKM8 is about being part of a family, one who is invested in helping one another achieve the most possible in terms of personal capability and piloting in Eve Online. There are dozens of programs, grants, and benefits available to the member (too many to list), but the over-arching benefit to joining CONTRA RATIO is that you will be mentored and supported into being the best player you can be, and enjoying the game to the utmost potential.

Some of the member benefits are:
• FC Training and guidance from our team of block-level FCs
• Excellent quality SRP for all major ops (including T2 and T3 ships)
• Excellent instruction and mentoring to farm and build your personal empire
• Corporate hierarchy designed to facilitate player growth and allow motivated individuals to actually make an impact (you aren’t just a number)
• Skill plans, free ships and giveaways, and much much more…

Please visit for more information, including application instructions.

reserved for future expansion

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looking for talent

good afternoon

looking to add to our loving family

low stress pvp

daily active ustz

we fly ships, do you fly ships?

couple of slots available for ustz players

seeking active pilots

looking for talent

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