Churn and Burn [USTZ/Lowsec]

Hello, and welcome to the Churn and Burn thread.

We are an exclusively USTZ alliance based in Lowsec Genesis that does a myriad of activities, mostly pvp-oriented. From local Blops, to dread fights, structure shooting, and skyhook/ESS raiding. We do a combination of things from capitals down to assault frigates. We’re all about fun and fighting, but also have methods of making isk locally. We’re not elite, we don’t care about killboard stats, and sometimes we sit down and play other games as a group. We strive to be active and be community-based.

We offer the following to corporations in the alliance:

  • Capital SRP for Alliance Ops
  • Handout logistics for fleets
  • Handout support ships for fleets
  • Auth platform
  • Discord for voice/fleets/chat
  • Tools such as Pathfinder
  • Fun and active community
  • Alliance Fleets & Fleets with various friends
  • Various ways to make ISK for ships
  • Capital building

If you’re USTZ-based and want a fun, active community that does most things in the game, come chat with us!

  • What do we require from prospective corps?
  • A minimum of 10 human beings in USTZ
  • Use Discord
  • Ability to be self-sufficient when it comes to your corp
  • Play nice with our blues
  • The ability to be adults and get along with other players
  • Be able to have a majority of your pilots fly ships such as Machariel, Hurricane Fleet Issue, Basilisks, Scorpion Navy Issue, down to smaller ships such as Deacons and Retributions
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