[Cinematic 10/24/17] DRF/TEST Vs. GotG Coalition in 83-YGI

Hello fellow capsuleers, a few days ago (Oct 24) GotG formed the biggest Titan/Super ball it could during the USTZ. They also formed Force Auxiliaries to support their Titans and supers. This Sotiyo complex had been reinforced into its final timer and from what i gathered had two super carriers in build. This fight was pretty fun one to watch from the sidelines and i’m excited to see where this conflict goes next.

Music Used:
Emergent Threats - CCP Games
Enter The Swarm - Enrico Cacace

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Funny how even your cinematic display of this mess lags and does not run fluid. A Perfect representation of the unfun this fight was at least for me. Lag, low FPS, Tidi - this cinematic does not represent what the fight was really like. However, the video looks great, don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice summary of scenes.

Yeah, maybe someday tidi wont be a thing anymore :confused: One can dream.

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