[10/16/17 Cinematic] GotG/Panfam Vs. DRF/TEST Vs. 3rd parties in MTO2-2 - ROUND TWO

After GotG coalitions strategic loss of a Keepstar class citadel on October 11, they began hitting any towers and citadels that belonged to the DRF coalition in the region of Perrigan Falls. The successful defense of this fortizar is a significant win for the GotG coaliton and any 3rd parties with a vested interest in GotG affairs. This citadel, with its favorable location in 3-D space, can eventually serve as a beachhead into Perrigan Falls. As a former CO2 member nothing would make me happier :). This region will definitely be one to keep an eye on.

In case one of you guys saw my previous upload of this video I took it down because it was brought to my attention pretty quickly that I was using the wrong BR. Because I used the numbers on that BR for the “ISK lost” by each side in the video I decided to just re-render it, I also took the time to fix the really terrible zoom transitions near the end of the original render.

Source Footage: Daopa

Music: Zack Hemsey - Beyond The Throne (Instrumental)

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