UALX Prison: Day 1

UALX prison case is an interesting and unexpected scenario as node-death already happened also. I’m curious how PL will escape from that situation and how long Legacy will camp that system. Obviously, PL should know how the gate U-QVWD – 0SHT-A were camped by BRAVE. I know it, I was there. It’s kind of very entertaining stuff to do for them and the parrot in the image below shows it nicely with his ‘interested look’.

-- from r/EVE

It’s good for PanFam and GOTG that another Goon fleet aren’t attacking and reinforcing everything up there, by some reason, making even harder for PanFam the escaping operation for PL.

Obviously the Southern Front of ‘East power’ is immobilized. It’s a stalemate situation for both sides - Legacy can’t go anywhere, because they have to guard the ‘prison’, while the PL/TRI/FRT can’t run anywhere, because it’s just too risky and definitely PL is in the ass of NEW EDEN right now.

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If I am well informed enough, the North just made a Goon fleet flash form for a timer and then stand down because the North formed 400 characters. But keep dreaming. :smile:

The DW-T2I’s cynosural inhibitor trick proves that the North can defend themselves pretty well even in minority. It definitely shows to me that gigX is back, no matter in which form, due to that trick. Looks like, that was mastered by him. Sadly, the Imperium capsuleers arguing versus this return by showing a ‘weakness’ to face a strong opponent.

BTW, there weren’t noticed big CO2 and Horde fleets in the South. Maybe that Horde castling to Geminate was made to create a Super defensive fleet by core Horde members.

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