Cinematic and VR features for EVE

Greetings GMs. This is not a problem. Just a thought that came to me when doing those actions. I discovered quite by accident when initiating a jump or warping that you had created some nifty sequences for those actions but they do not occur naturally. I always have to hunt around to find the perfect position spatially to be able to see them. It is usually just behind to the left or right of any ship. The difficulty is that you have to look for that spot after every warp or jump or battle which is very time consuming and delays gameplay. It would be so much more entertaining if you created these sequences as if the player was looking out of the cockpit window as you would see flying a plane. I use the first person button option frequently but it is not quite precisely set. As you fly around it should constantly adjust its focus in order to stay truly a first person view out of the cockpit. In combat sequences the focal point should be to scale 500 to 1000 meters behind the players ship so that you can get the feel of real live combat and be able to see what you are shooting at. Consider taking the game to the virtual reality level like so many other games have. It would be so cool and attract so many other players to the game enough said. Back to game play!

Stephen McCollom

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