[Cinematic] The Battle of X47L-Q

BR: https://tinyurl.com/y8v84t4v

For the past few weeks, Imperium forces have been probing for a weakness in the Northern defenses. The first major strike occurred on August 1st as a Northern Coalition Keepstar in the system of X47L-Q was coming out of armor reinforce.

At 1900 EVE, Imperium forces began pouring into the system, committing the entirety of their supercapital wing. Roughly a combined 540+ titans were put into play by both sides as well as roughly 510+ supercarriers. A total of 10 trillion ISK was destroyed in this battle making it the largest in EVE Online history.

Additional footage by: DaOpa, MacCloud, & blobiscoming


A few clarifications. 9 trillion isk destroyed, and B-R was 11 trillion isk which makes this the second biggest.

Other than that, loved the video.

And again anything but representative of what this mess was really like. Anyone who sees this should know that it was not at all as enjoyable or great as this video or any other may make you believe.

You act like I’m trying to trick people, I just make these for the enjoyment of seeing a tidiless depiction of the battles, and I suspect many like my videos for that same reason…

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It does look very nice when it is sped up to tidi-less speeds.

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